Monday, September 27, 2010


I've realised that I crib a lot on this blog. All I do is whine and complain about how screwed up my life is here in the lovely (UH NO) town of Yelahanka (not kidding) in Bangalore and how badly I want to go hoooooome (crybaby!)

I've got some more bad news today from my parents and I don't want to share it here. What I AM going to do is, however, list the things/people/food/animals/movie stars(LOL)/anything that I am thankful for, that make me happy. 

Also. I suck at lists. But I am going to try for the sake of my readers (who I hope find the need to comment!)

Aye haye, this post has too many brackets already.

Meh. Here goes.

Kanika's list of happy things :)

1. Parents - Specially if they're as crazy as mine. Agreed, sometimes they themselves are the cause of my sheer frustration, but mostly they call me up and crack absolutely suicidal jokes and though at that point I wish I were either deaf or incapable of laughing, I secretly feel tons better and suddenly all the crap here in college seems to have no importance whatsoever.

2. Chocolate - I am not going to explain this. Because everyone knows and agrees that chocolate is God's most spectacular creation...after women of course.

3. Chai (tea) - Oooh. Nothing beats the joy of steaming hot Red Label (I stay in a PG very far away from home, I would have preferred something much better. But oh well. Chai is chai) in your balcony when it's raining and you're curled up in a blanket with a oh-em-gee mystery novel and you're just out of reach of the nearest falling raindrop. 

4. Oh-Em-Gee mystery novels - Agatha Christie, Dick Francis, to some extent Jeffrey Archer. I thankfully inherited my mother's love for these wonderful gifted people and her speed of reading them too. I love how my heart races when he's just about to open the door to the old house and just when his hand touches the doorknob and he twists it to push the door and then - 

5. Earrings - I am obsessed. I've never met a pair of earrings I didn't immediately fall in love with. Except gaudy gold and smashing silver from Sarojini Nagar. *shudders*

6. Sleep - Even though it is currently 3.11 am and I'm still up for no apparent reason, sleep is something that gives me tremendous joy to do, and to do perfectly.  Two pillows, blanket arranged in a carefully constructed chaos and shifting around for at least 7 minutes till I find that faultless posture and then, blissfully, my eyes close and I am dead to the world for the next 15 hours or till my alarm rings, whichever comes first.

7. Reading a good book with a bottle of coke and a packet of wafers - It is a meticulous assembly of a bed, a blanket, a person, a book, a bottle of aerated crap and extremely unhealthy chips. How can I not love? Sigh.

8. Texting - Haha! Till my thumbs hurt. Ouch.

9. Yellow walls - So lovely they are. All sunshiny and fried egg-gy. Teehee. There is one wall like that in my college campus. And we adore it. To death. :)

10. Kashmiri Food....let's say POULTRY, BITCHEZZ - I don't look like one but I am a hardcore Kashmiri when it comes to eating anything that once walked on two legs or four. Cannibal like, almost, my of-Punjabi-origin mother looks on in horror as I devour chicken leg after chicken leg, all dishes with Kashmiri names that are impossible to pronounce because of all the Z and S happening.

11. Comfort movies like Mona Lisa Smile and Dead Poets Society - Though it is a very big blunder to call these 'comfort' movies since they talk of socio cultural upheavals, I still cannot help but feel immensely at home even though I howl when Julia Roberts and Robin Williams respectively meet the same sad fate. No spoiler. Go watch. And though I didn't add it in the main point, my all time favourite movies are 27 Dresses and The Shawshank Redemption. One about a lying cheating selfish sibling and the other about a prison break that freed everyone inside those walls. Yes, comfort movies. :)

12. Post-its - Yaar. Cute. I put some all over my walls next to my bed. Happy goodnight notes!

Number six is taking over me. This list shall continue soon enough. Till then. Feel free to add, criticise, comment, shower love, hurtle abuses, shower some more love, and comment.

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    P.S.--> That is a sad attempt to make Love and blessing showers. But there it is :)

  2. Number 7 is my dream come true.

  3. I feel and warm and fuzzy inside reading this.
    I think I shall go make myself a cuppa chai. :)