Saturday, October 09, 2010

Midnight Ramblings

A few updates.

1. Someone please help me out with this. There's this girl I know from school who I'm very mad at for reasons I wish to not divulge. And tonight in a moment of nostalgic emotion I sent her a message saying I'm not mad at her anymore. Her response was to tell me to take her off limited profile. Which of course made me hate her right back. Whattodoo?

2. DSLR is happening to me on Sunday. Mother agreed. Look at this. This will be mine on Sunday. How beautiful. :)
Nikon D3000

3. Squeaking mice are hard to ignore. There is one caught in a gumboard (a not-cruel rattrap thing) in the corner of my room and I don't have the guts to throw him out of my house...and he's squeaking ever-so-cutely. I admit, I screamed like a banshee when he first came into my eyesight but the way he's lying in that corner squeaking to high heaven... :( :(
And then of course this reminds me of Nibbles, the cute grey mouse from Tom and Jerry. Have you seen him? He's AWWWWWWWW :)


4. I should really sleep now, because tomorrow I have to take my brother and sister to the rail museum. They don't really want to go, but I do. :D


p.s. 27 followers! eeeeeeeeep :)

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  1. Awwwww...!
    I love nibbles too... How fast he slurps up Tom's milk with a straw!!! >.<