Thursday, November 04, 2010

And I scatter stars.
As he walks away from me, I scatter stars.
It rains, and I cry. He walks away from me.
The stars glint, shine, sparkle. My tears do too.
 I love you, I scream.
Stars scatter.
Retreating back. Not a word, not a smile, not a tear.
Raining down on me. I don’t want you to go.
Scatter they do.
A pause. A turn. Do you? YES.
Ceaseless, unending fire, constant, incessant; pain.
He walks away, slowly, from me.                                 
I love you too, he murmurs. Maybe.
And they scatter, far away from me, like him.


  1. The picture. THE PICTURE!

  2. Hell, your writing reminded me of Angel. Shit. I'm missing her already.

    Anyway, that was a great post. And as I said about the picture on FB, its plain brilliant. :)

  3. Amazing. This is soulful, painful.

  4. Namrata :D
    Arjit- Thanks, you!
    Jidhu thanks :)
    Vishal - thank you!

  5. thats a really nice picture!