Friday, November 26, 2010

I don't know why I do it.

Why do I always assume the best of people? Is it out of an innate tendency to be nice to everyone I know or don't know? 

Why do you do it, if you do at all?

I'm not trying to be all teenage-emo-phase here but seriously. No one cares. And I'm HONESTLY not sad or pissed when I say this. People genuinely do NOT care about anyone other than themselves. And when it so happens that someone breaks your trust/heart/illusion of their niceness, it hurts. And that's not fair because you are doing the same to everyone else around you and not realising it.

Take an example. My friend X. We're really good friends, or so I presume. We have a few arguments over work. All sorted. We have a few personal arguments. Those sorted too. Apologies made, accepted. Everything seems fine. Untill X turns around and tells another friend Y that he cannot stand me.

WTF is that about? I was in front of you for so long. All you had to do was say it to me. Or maybe not sorted things out after one of our fights. It's not as difficult as you think it is. It will probably feel less harsh in the long run.

I don't know what to do apart from not care.



  1. hmmm... it's really confusing when friends start bitching about you.. but are all good on face. as time passes, you'll be left with few friends, but genuine friends. that's what eventually matters.

    don't question yourself, don't worry about trusting everyone. be the same. let it be

  2. I sympathise and empathise with you. Situations and like this totally suck but you get disillusioned and you get wiser. I feel that people who are real will stick around no matter what. And the others, you're really better off without. Just give it time.

  3. *Situations like this

  4. I understand that waiting is the only option, but how long? it's a sad wait.

  5. I know it hurts.. You should walk upto X and say "I know you are going around telling people u dont like me and I AM OK with that. You dont have to like me"

    Dont stop caring - dont become like them:-) u r beautiful, stay that way!!