Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want

Have you ever read Rhonda Bryne's money minting book, 'The Secret'? It apparently outsold the final Harry Potter and there's even a frikking movie.
If you haven't read it, I would advise you to keep it that way. It takes a seemingly never-ending number of pages to say, basically, this :

The essence of The Secret is "the law of attraction."
This means, in simpler terms, that you attract situations and things to you depending on the thoughts you put out into the world.
It depends on the grammar you use. The words 'not' and 'don't' get negated as your thoughts go out. So for example, if you're wearing a new dress, if you think "I don't want anything to fall on this," it is more likely for your clothes to get stained.

how fucked na?

So here. I'm putting things out into the world.
You should try it too. =)

I want to be pretty like all the other girls I know here...
I want to be able to say "no" to things I know I can't do.
I want a nice, long, warm hug from the man of my dreams.
I want to the sick aftertaste of a cigarette to be absent.
I want to be known for two things - my photographs and my writing.
I want to be not quite so lazy (hahah this has the word 'not' :P)
I want to be healthy and un-fever-ed.
I want to be in Delhi! :O
I want to be able to get a job after college. :|
I want Jacob to remember Kathy and that she exists...
I want a nice breakfast sitting in a balcony overlooking a beach.
I want a MacBook! *wail*
I want some chinese food. Good chinese food.
I want to get married :D
I want the ability to wear a dress and not look like a fool.
I want a nice December trip with certain people! MAKE IT HAPPEN RAGHAV.
I want sleep so badly right now...
I want more followers (there, I said it).
I want dad's sweaters.



  1. I want to get married too :D
    And um, i think in the secret, the point was also not to say 'want' because that way you are in the act of wanting. But if you instead say 'I am pretty', it happens to you. You have to believe you already have what you want.
    SeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeee? SEE - no point in even trying :P

  2. hahahaahaaaaahaahahhahaahaaha

  3. chalo, this is useless. :P

  4. I am gonna copy paste my favourite one from the list above. It says a million words about you Kanika (wink)

    "I want a MacBook! *wail*"


  5. intersting - had not heard abt the book!! have heard a lot of similar theories so there might be some truth in it:-)

  6. how sweet @ i want dad's sweaters. damn sweet :)

    cute wishes. and very achievable too. that's the way i keep things too. simple wishes in life

  7. Did any of it happen yet, Kanika? I love how you wrote this one so much, that I took the "You should try it too" bit literally and wrote a similar post of my own (with complete credit given where it was due of course). Thanks! :)

  8. @Sonali - yeah, read the book though, you might get more out of it than I did :P

    @Jeweliot - thanks (: and they're simple because complicated is never possible.

    @Cyniqueen - thank you! (: your post with my name made my day :D