Thursday, December 16, 2010


I'm home, you guys! Glorious, freezing, lovely, never-ending-chai-supply home!
*joy dance*

Anywho. I have to got to rush since I am going to fall asleep at my keyboard soon but hooray since I now have 55 followers and Arjit, my boss at the other blog I write for (well one post isn't technically a permanent position but what the hell) hasn't fired me yet; met boyfriend after what felt like eons and we went out for an actual out-in-a-public-place date as opposed to our usual wintry afternoons in the sun with my camera; mother and grandmother have a secret pact to make me extremely fat before I go back to college; 5 days to birthday! (22nd December you guys, don't forget to wish me :P)

How have you been?

me :)

See what I mean about sunny wintry afternoons? Delhi is the loveliest in the winter.


  1. Hey, congrats on 55 followers! Especially loved that second picture .
    Such a nice, cosy, happy post. Happy birthday in advance

  2. Guess I would be the 55th follower.. Just got referred to your blog through a blogroll on a blog I follow and liked it so much that could not go away.. If it were facebook, I would have obsessively pressed the superlike button.. But quite like you said in one of your previous posts, I am going through my Anti Social phase as well. Keep posting more..

  3. Both the photos have a very warm effect. And I'm glad that you're not fired, else I would have been fired from my own place by many. And damn, I need to go on a date, now. I so badly want to roam around out in the sun with her, er.

    And anyway, a very happy birthday in advance. And don't forget to wish me, too, on the 26th. :P

  4. @Cyniqueen - thank you! and thank you, and thank you! :D
    @Akshay - thank you so much! I'm glad you like my blog so much, and I will keep posting :)
    @Arjit - I won't forget, it's too near my birthday :P

  5. @Kanika: the pleasure is all mine.. well, I too do some small time blogging and photography.. would love your comments.. it is..

  6. Omg, the blog's looking beautiful :)
    And i want to meet you!

  7. you n your fabulous blog just won an award at my little place! go grab it! =]

  8. @Koo - shall facebook you the details :) and thanks!
    @Dandelion - thank you thank you thank you thank you! :)

  9. Enjoy the holidays. Winters are indeed amazing.

  10. Congratulations! :D
    The pictures are so cute =)
    Hate winters though :P

  11. congrats!!

    Love the second pic.. I love the winters in delhi - hot tea and gajar ka halwa:-)