Monday, January 03, 2011

Lovely Flavours

I found old webcam photos. And I smiled :)
Here. I have to change my webcam look dyude. It's more or less the same.
I think sometimes...
I think, sometimes.

skype snapshot, because you're boring the fuck outta me.

Stupid design school should stab itself in the face.

sister loves the webcam! which is why she chooses to run out of the frame when I click

my bookshelf which will soon collapse due to the 600 page books I buy on impulse 

"haha see you can make THIS your profile photo, didi"

Rediscovered Kuch Kuch Hota Hai bands and made some room decorations to give my Harry Potter poster company

Cut up dad's shirt and was gifted mother's college earrings by mother.

I have my cheesemoments.

in class when the teacher wasn't looking (:

this was january 2010, a grey and dreary start

this was december 2010, a cold and shockingly wonderful end

brainfuck courses

my face isn't pretty enough today so let's be happy with comfy jeans and flowery t shirt

lovely mush isn't it? thanks I grow it myself

then sometimes my webcam decides to spaz and give me this cool effect all on its own

MINION! [have you seen Despicable Me? if you haven't get off my pretty blog as difficult as it may seem and download it NOW and waaaaaatch!]

let's play 'squeeze kanika didi's head'

of course people MUST call me when I'm in middle of straightening my hair while using the webcam as a mirror

I'm quite the unphotogenic child. I AM NOT FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS, I only post pictures in which I look half decent, and for every picture like that you can find 23 pictures of me in which I look extremely non-human and severely acne-stricken. Sigh. Such is life.


  1. I love your book shelf :O

  2. I love your first pic.
    I love your book shelf.
    And I ain't photogenic either. Its quite sad for us. =[

  3. Dippy S.12:59 PM

    It's good to know that I'm not the only one with that weird habit of using webcam as mirror...

  4. 600 books? i dont have dat no. of pages in my shelf..nywaz nice way of potrayn the whole year as ur pics transformation slides..innovatv

  5. :D
    Thanks everybody!

  6. Hey girl. You know what? You have got a beautiful soul, trust me :)
    I'll appreciate of you take out some time to Visit my blog.