Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My very own Christmas Lights

Have you heard that Coldplay song, Christmas Lights? Well, it inspired me to go out and buy these lovely things that now grace the wall above my bed.
So much love and so much happiness radiates from me now, even in my sleep :P 
yus, that is my bed.

 pretty, aren't they?
*sighs and stares at fairy lights in love and awe*


  1. Your blog banner is funny and cute :)

    The lights are crazy. How do you even fall asleep with them aglow?

  2. They look cute. But are you sure you sleep with such bright lights on?

  3. i love fairy lights :) my bf got them put up around his bed-head during diwali! looked gorgeous

    yours look loooovely too

    very cute header images ☺

  4. Hi guys, thank you =)
    I keep them on a dim setting...I made it bright for the photographs. I'm terrified of the dark and can never sleep in total darkness, so these were a great investment!

  5. I hate the dark. And I can never sleep in total darkness, too. =)

  6. u r really an innocent child but a good photographer.

  7. These lights are so dreamy and romantic!!! LIke them ... Also like your photography!

  8. Thanks Koo :)
    V!Vs - thank you so muchhh!
    tanvii...thanks a lot (: