Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nothing To Get Hung About

In my current college course, I along with 19 other people are creating and running a college café which deals only with nutritious food. This implies that we create all the dishes ourselves and we do not use ANY processed food in this system. I am (fortunately) in charge of photography for the course so here, sharing some snaps of delicious home-made lipsmacking food:

beautiful and sumptuous wholewheat bread, received in uncut loaves
gorgeous watermelon chunks with mint
the disposable bowls we serve our food in

the best breakfast - bread and jam
DELICIOUS homemade pomegranate jam

I'm starting a new thing on my blog, the photo of the day. Everyday (as far as possible) I'm going to post a photo of the day here, mostly taken by me. If not, then at least taken with my camera.
So here it goes.
Photo Of The Day
my new earrings, purchased at MG Road, Bangalore for the princely sum of 30 rupees. Taken by very very loved housemate.


  1. Is that ear ring eatable? :P hahahha the cafe food looks (read:tastes) yummy.

    The near focus is really cool.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. what lens is that? f1.4 ?
    nice colors, ..like d composition

  3. Hahahah Blasphemous Aesthete, the earring is there only because it's preeeddyyyy =) And thanks!
    Aakash it's the standard 18-55 lens I got in my D3000 kit. Thanks :)

  4. nice earrings and delcious food


  5. me too have d same lens =)

  6. I'm loving all the photos!
    this is so yum.