Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Only Thing that can make me happy, always.

These beautiful things...sigh, they fill me up with a happiness I haven't known.
All photos unedited except contrast-tweaking.

Apparently this one is really 'February'. :)

Also, for people who read my blog :P, here is a photo of the card I made for ze boyfriend and I couriered it well in time. For once in his life he was speechless, and I was ecstatic :)
my cute black ballet flats and his much-loved red converse. <3


  1. Love the card!
    So much hard work kaul :)

    Oh, and the photographs... *sigh* <3

  2. Omg, you MADE that? Excellent work! Nice to know he was speechless, it deserves that sort of response. And pretty pictures, especially the 'February' one :)

  3. Namrata thenks yaar :)
    Cyniqueen yes I made it. It's so much more fulfilling to create something for a loved one than buying a present. Thank you :)

  4. wonderful card and beautiful pics :)
    This was the best way to made him feel really 'special' :)

  5. The third pic is really awesome. Spring, certainly. :)

  6. @An Ordinary Gal - thanks a lot! it worked :)
    @Blasphemous Aesthete - thank you, spring it is. :)
    @Shreya - the third is my favourite too!

  7. oh the card is just too cute!! love the shoes and the ciggie . very creative !

    the February pic is beautiful :)

  8. I went like OMG THIS IS AWESOME when I saw the card, I love it :D
    Good work, mate!