Saturday, February 12, 2011

Song Obsessions and Photo Of The Day, 11th Feb

Little bit of an obsession is happening with water drops, I reckon the POTD for 12th Feb is also going to be related to that.
Btw, I would like to announce here (oooooh all formal and shit) that all photos I post under the Photo Of The Day label are completely unedited, not even contrast tweaking.
Yes, I am cool like that :)
Also, little obsession with a song is happening.

Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains
I knew I wouldn't forget you
And so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moonbeam
The smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided you're the one I have decided
Who's one of my kind

Hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo
The way you move ain't fair you know
Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight

taken by very very loved housemate and she screamed "OHMYGOD it matches the song!" because Hey, Soul Sister was playing in the background. :)

Boyfriend's back from a quick birthday trip to the UAE! He got me pretty things, or so he says. So nice to talk to him before  I sleep after 4 days, the feeling is overwhelming. And we had one of our leg-pulling sessions and they really make me laugh, and my best friend here couldn't remember even one time that I laughed like that in these four days that he was gone. 
Haha yay. 
Thinking of making an animation for little sister on her birthday. Will post it here when it's done. Hope I finish it in time, I'm such a procrastinator it's not even funny.
How have you been? 


  1. talk about an artistic streak there ;) :D

  2. The pictures are verrry good :D
    Oh and oh, love the song! Although I never quite understood what he meant by "Like a virgin, you're Madonna"!

  3. iLike the picture (:

  4. I love that song! Reminds me of jamming sessions in rainy cool days.
    And you look pretty.

  5. Hey i like this blog, specially your photos....keep it up. if possible have a look at my blog also and i appreciate your feedback if you give....C u later.