Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hi :)

Eeeeeeeeeeeee. So I'm at home, Delhi home, sipping tea and lounging in my pyajamas on a Monday morning. Missed a day of college on mother's request. Boyfriend's coming over in a bit. Sadly I shall be back to that fuck-all place in about 8 hours *shudders at the thought*

So this was the best weekend ever.

Obviously I wrote that while I was still at home. But Bangalore it is, now.

Sad things are happening between me and ze boyfriend. He was supposed to get this compulsory internship thing in Delhi where I would be in the summer for TWO AND A HALF WHOLE MONTHS (long distance, suck it) but it turns out that there is only a little-more-than-slight chance of that happening....which led us to the whole 'meeting-for-twenty-days-in-a-year is not a relationship" track.

So I guess, after lots of arguments, kisses and conversations we came to the conclusion that...we need a break.

Thing is, *this* is the only thing we've known since our last year of school (three years ago) and this is the only way we know how to be...what if this is NOT the best thing in the world, even though it feels so?

It's a break with a 99.9% chance of us getting back together which is as good as any so I'm just going to have to suck it up and smile through this. Learn how to be single again maybe. I really don't want to be single. But it's a good thing. See how people treat me when I'm boyfriend-less and willingly so. What I think of me outside of this relationship, who am I outside of us.

However, should his internship land up in the same place as I will be for two and a half months, this plan is out the fucking window =)

Just so you know. The love is there. Very much so. We're just a bit tired, yeh know?

Yeah. Everything's happy and all until his internship location is out. And then we shall do the needful.

Help me through that, I know you guys will :)

Because the love could never die.

Lots of love,


  1. Hey, Hi
    hmmm, taking a break? nice. the good part of it is, you get to analyze the whole relationship from a different perspective...
    and dont u worry gal, he wud miss u n want u soon...
    :) till then, u have us guys arnd to pamper ye...so, cheers rockstar!! single n nt so ready to mingle... ;)


    The Silhouette...

    p.s.- tc gal, the days will fly sooner than u realise. :) lifes good. though it tries to be a bitch at times. :P

  2. I can't tell you EVERYTIME I open up your blog and look at that banner....I love it even more! :)

    And chill girl...it'll be over before you realize.
    Take care and fingers crossed for the placement thing.

    Anddd the pic of you two is the cutest!

    SAM B

  3. Awwwww.
    Just hang in there and hope for the best. :)

    Just have all the fun singles get to have till you have time ;)

  4. Aww, things are gonna work out. I'm going through the same shit, problems with ze boyfriend's internship in mumbai. :( But chill
    Oh and the pic, I absolutely heart it. ♥

  5. Nice post. Nice pic. Nice you!

  6. Hmm. sure its worth a try, and a self discovery mission of sorts. :)
    All the best, you both.

  7. You guys! I love you all :)