Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You will not believe.

I think it all started with Japan. That happened, and suddenly everyone's laptop screen was playing the same video on loop. Buildings collapsing, water taking over, that nuclear blast. Jesus Christ.

And since then, I felt scared. Could 2012 happen? I felt stupid for thinking so.

Two very close family friends passed away in a car crash. I am on the danger of losing my boyfriend to the disease that is long-distance. Internet at pg wasn't working. Didn't feel like taking laptop to college. Floor plans and furniture layouts and bubble diagrams. Yuuck.

Going back home for the weekend. No one knows except parents and boyfriend. Not even sister. I shall land up in her room at night and say "WHAZZA?!"

Tiredness taking over.
Details later.

I miss blogging.



  1. hey im sorry about about your family friends, and the way you're feeling in general.

  2. The Japan thing is soo damn scary. It doesn't stop...and the little faces you see on the TV losing their mums dads get to me. Im sorry abt ur family frnds....and hope things get well soon!

    Btw I love the new addition to ur blog! :D

  3. We're all here if you want to talk :)

  4. Yeah, Japan was sad.. I guess things shall get better... Japan is known for rising very fast
    About 2012, it's in December, I am happy that still quite a lot of time to live and blog upon it =P

  5. Hey, Hi...
    its kinda fine to experience all the colours of life...blues, the best thing abt them is, the realisation of the good things in life...
    Maybe the weekend would do good to you...pep up gal!! who wud manage the chaos with u down??

    The Silhouette...

  6. the thought of 2012 is scaring me shit much too. :(

  7. I don't think so it is going to end anytime soon, so enjoy your stay at home :D :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete