Sunday, July 03, 2011

At 2 AM I get epiphanies.

- I do not possess the power to sustain a good thing. I just don't.

- I'm worried about him and me. We are scheduled to have the 'Talk'just before I leave for college. I am so scared I could curl up in a blanket and smother myself to a probably-less-painful-than-this death.

- I should probably also never buy any gadgets. EVER.

- Reverse sleep cycles are not so much fun anymore.

- I want to go home. College-PG home. I want to take him with me. And then my life shall be perfect.

- The title says epiphanies but these aren't.


  1. Don't worry much Kanika, don't feel so insecure, this is just a phase, will pass soon.

    And don't you even think of giving up on gadgets. :)

    Cheer Up!

  2. I hope everything works out the way you want it to. Also, I like list-y posts and even when you write little, you write so well. Good luck with everything!

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