Monday, July 11, 2011

Yah. Sad things happen but then you GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MAKE THEM BETTER!

I've told you I've been ill right?

Well right now I'm in that stage where I sniff frequently enough to illicit "tcha"s from people around me and I cough like a 90 year old man who smoked since he was 12. It's entertaining to watch people jump when a giant phlegm-y cough is suddenly let forth into the atmosphere by that girl in the corner of the doctor's waiting room who looked really harmless but is actually a walking talking germ warehouse.

*beautiful imagery...let us revel in that for a moment*


So yah. It has been tough to maintain any kind of composure when a coughing fit comes along and claims me whole. My poor dabbling-in-homeopathy grandfather has been trying out multiple medications on me and I've been woken up and asked "IS YOUR COUGH BETTER? BY WHAT PERCENTAGE WOULD YOU SAY?"

(he screams because he's a little hard of hearing, he thinks all of us can't hear.)

And then I'm like, wait man, what the fucking fuck, I am not sitting here and letting a little THROAT PROBLEM make me feel like a senior citizen!

So I took out my camera and tons of glitter.

The end product turned out to be my beautiful new header, and I'm going to take a long long time to get over it :)


Also I added an About Me page on the blog but I became all narcissistic and made it About The Author because I consider myself to be a writer *insert canned laughter here*



p.s. verdict on Google + ? I don't have an opinion yet. Ooh so shocking.


  1. The header is killer :O
    Did you use a standard lens for this or what? HOW did you get this, just HOW ? :O it's so preeeedyy =)

  2. Thanks guys!

    @nil - yes standard kit lens :)

  3. I am in love with the new header! It's awesome. Also, the post was very funny.
    Get well quick!

  4. just saw the header.
    ITS friggin FANTASTIC!
    I love me some sparkly bokeh things,occasionally and well-done!
    C'est ca! (:

  5. Preetyyyyyyy header! :D

  6. And get well soon, you.

  7. massssssst header.

    And don't develop abs from coughing, boys will get jealous. :P

    Soooooo, Get well soon.

    Blasphemous Aesthete