Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Upside to Procrastination

Found all of this little notes in tucked away boxes with ribbons and forgotten books:

"There are some conversations you dread having for fear of what they may lead to- a broken heart, a dream that can never come true, an unattainable feeling of satisfaction, what leads up to them too. After you have them you cannot, for the life of you, figure out why it took so long to have them."
- After talking to an old friend after years

"I don't actually like notebooks with lines.
I rather detest them.

They grab my thoughts and hold them down in ways that make it difficult for me to breathe.
They capture my ideas and claimed that they were always there, just not expressed like I struggled to.
My words get moulded into straight, smooth and very fake lines. I hate it.
I cannot wait for this notebook to get over.
A page filled with blank pages is an irritating canvas for a person with a fountain pen and a passing for jotting - memories, characters and stories.
I want an empty notebook with light yellow pages."
- In the middle of an infuriatingly neat notebook.

"Empty your mind write down every random thought that deigns to cross your mind in that duration. As crazy or insane as that may sound. You'll feel tons better, breathe.
Maybe I should get a smoke from that girl. I can feel myself slowly drifting away and seeing/feeling/hearing nothing but this pen and paper and mumford & sons.
Sensitive Chaos does exist. It's not just a fancy name for a blog. I feel like it's mine. I have sole and overpowering ownership of my brain. Yes. Dunno about heart matters though. Maybe heart doesn't matter.
Mumford & Sons thank you."
- Yikes, punctuation added later.

"No one must know about these little excursions of ours."
- back of an old unused postcard

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  1. You listen to Mumford and Sons, I love you more.
    Writing down stuff, always sorts you out.