Friday, April 06, 2012

Chai cups

I miss you, so much.

I miss the smile you graced me with at the first glance after a long, arduous day. It made all my tiredness melt away and suddenly there was nothing I wanted to do more than sit with you, my arm in yours, and tell you what made me happy.

I miss your words and their echoing truth, always keeping me secure and sure of everything around you and me. Your voice would envelop me with love.

I miss, most of all, the way you made me feel, the girl I was around you.

Come back?

I feel as if nothing I do that is good enough for anyone. Unsure and underconfident. My life is a disaster. I'm living from one packet of chips to the other.


  1. This feeling of missing someone so badly is really bad, there's no comparison. :(

    Hope the person comes back to you and things get better!

    1. I hope so too. One of the people I wrote this for is back tomorrow, hopefully my sanity will return with him.

  2. Oh no, sweetie. Your life isn't a disaster, you may be experiencing bumps now, but everything will be okay eventually. I know it hurts not to be with the person you love, I cannot do anything but pray. For you, and your heart.

    Hold on,dear. I'm here for you.