Monday, April 09, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Lovin'

Some days are meant for waking up really late but for once not beating yourself up about wasting half the day drooling over your pillow. Some days are for brushing your teeth at 3 pm, then wearily(as a result of sleep tiredness) sitting down at your table and opening your laptop, and then rubbing your head when the Windows theme blasts through. Some days are for looking at the clock, seeing it reads 8 pm, and realising you did as much work in 5 hours as you would have in an entire, normal day. For feeling proud about that.

Some evenings are for no cigarettes and no cola, for only grapes and juice and long baths and new hair serum.

Some nights are for feeing wonderful about being up to date with work for once, for watching Grey's Anatomy and crying, for feeling sad and content at the exact same time. Some nights are for being happy about just everything you know.

Today has been okay.



  1. I like the way you put it :)
    Completing set-goals feels so epic.