Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Opening up the trunks

"The saddest part, of a broken heart,
isn't the ending, so much as the start."

Ah! How I love this blank box waiting to be typed into. I missed it!

Hello, blog. Hello, people who still read my blog. It's been such a crazy exhausting two weeks (or more) of things and people and dancing for the seniors farewell and getting giant banners printed and saying hello to my zits (Bob and Pete).

So let me see. It's almost the middle of December: almost time to go home to a wondrous Delhi winter, endless cups of hot tea, and this time, my poor boyfriend who has no clue just how cold it's going to be. It's also almost my birthday, which means I have 10 days to get ready for the end of the world and turning 21. No pressure.

I've been having interesting conversations. Experiencing new things. One night, I sat in a corner and observed things as they stopped making sense. Gravity seemed strange. Things existed but with no purpose. It was such a weird feeling. Watching things happen but no longer comprehending the physics. Being so removed from the place where you understand. And smiling through it. I felt like I reached a different dimension. I didn't share this with anyone (except the internet).

You don't necessarily have to share every thing great you experience. Sometimes those moments are meant only for you.

Like me, drinking beer at 1 pm because my ex-roommate graduated last night and left for home this morning. This is meant only for me. To think about how I'll be graduating next year at this time, and I'm scared shitless.


  1. This warmed my heart. It really did. Especially the beer at 1 pm and being scared shitless thing.