Friday, March 01, 2013

Stress and all its friends

Turns out that the week-long eye twitch you've been suffering is caused by stress and too much caffeine. Er...

Till I deal with that, this word (and action) needs to become illegal: FAFF.

Ok, back to excruciating eye-twitch worthy work.


  1. Which eye? You might wanna take back your words on that one - so happens, depending on the eye, it's even considered good or bad luck.

    Howzzat for 'faff'ing? :P

    It's been a while around...the blog world sure has changed a lot. Keep at it. On another note, the origins of blogging itself goes way back to some sort of faffing. It might be around for a little while more. :)

  2. Stress is my middle name though...