Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Lost Causes & Midnight Chocolate Breaks

To say it doesn't affect me would be a giant, stinking lie.

Anyone who's known me for more than half a second is aware of my habit of getting overly attached to everything and everyone that/who is nice to me in the vaguest manner, even they don't mean to be nice and accidentally showed me some courtesy. It's a horrendously weak habit to be a slave to, because strange things can make you feel too shitty for words and stranger things can make you smile. Sometimes I'm confused about why I feel a certain way and then I realize it's an involuntary reaction which should always be voluntary.

Of course it's hard to change that about yourself but I've been trying yet, unsuccessfully so. It's a thankless process with little or no results, infuriating and frustrating beyond belief.

And if you ask me what's put me in this mood, I'll think of reasons that I'll be ashamed to list; I'm letting ordinary people who suck get into my head and argue with the voice that lives there.

Anyhow. Last three weeks of college. The diploma project email was received last night. Time to stress.


p.s. Big thank you to Kritika (her blog is here) for the Creative Blogger Award (YAY) which I received from Akanksha last week. I request your permission to not follow the rules this time, since i did it so recently. Mwahaha.


  1. Good luck with the diploma project :D Wnjoy the last few weeks :D

    1. Im so stressed daniellaaa :(