Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh hi, it's me.

I changed the location of my work table today. Symbolic representation of a new beginning, a new year at college, a new entry in our home, new relationships. No, I don't believe in Feng Shui and Vaastu and whatnot. Just felt like a change. Away from some idiots, literally and metaphorically.

My new table is now placed in a little alcove in the common room of our PG, and there are walls in right front of me and right behind. But the most lovely thing about this little space I created for myself is the three enormous windows on my left, close enough to lean over and swing them open, and place an elbow on the windowsill and stare out at a captivating view of a torrential downpour of rain at dusk. Doodle in a notebook, listen to your iPod. Open a packet of chocolate biscuits and bury your head in a Jeffrey Archer. Call your mum and get transported back home for a while. Text your boyfriend and tell him you miss holding his hand. :)

Hopefully this new setting will increase my GPA and somehow transport certain people into the same city as me, as they are very far away right now.

What a useless first post.


  1. Startlingly honest Kanika. And I'm reading this at a very twisted time too. On the eve of shifting to a PG. But no windows to speak of where I'm headed. No windows at all.

  2. No windows? HOW?!
    And thank you for being the first one to comment :)