Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day In the Life

So I thought I should tell you how a normal day goes in this lovely unheard-of town of Yelahanka, in Bangalore, which is unfortunately where my college is located.

7.45 am : wake up luxuriously late after having bathed the night before hence the luxury of waking up late. 

7.45 to 8.15 am : fight the urge to stay wrapped up in the blanket, fret over sad state of cupboard, unearth something half decent to wear, change, indulge in meaningless banter with sleepy roommate, forget and then remember just in time to lock cupboard, leave the house.

8.15 to 8.18 am : walk to the mess while trying to untangle iPod earphones.

8.18 to 8.20 am : eat sad looking upma thing.

8.20 am : silent breakfast is interrupted by landing of a lizard into the plate of person sitting next to me. Chaos ensues.

8.23 am : people calm down, I lose my appetite. Leave the mess.

8.23 to 8.45 am : walk to college.

8.45 am : argue with guard at college gate over sign in register and futility of it.

8.50 am : plonk ass in college's open air amphitheatre. People join. Random conversation about yesterdays' happenings. Some people yell about how we aren't working. We continue to not work.

9 am : move to basement, where our class happens.

9 to 9.30 am : watch absolutely fantastically hilarious youtube videos. Imitate them. More laughs.

9.30 to 11 am : class. 

11 to 11.40 am : break, plus exercise - talk in any vernacular language for half an hour. Hindi kills me slowly and painfully for thirty minutes. Conversing with uncle at masala soda van is painful. He laughs at me. I feel like a fool.

11.40 to 4 pm : class, presentations. Can describe in one word : DEATH.

4.20 pm : come home to find roommate and her boyfriend have taken over room. Shift to common room and open windows next to work table. Squeal like a banshee when it starts to rain. 

5 pm : watch The Office, courtesy roommate's boyfriend. THANK YOU :)

6 pm : walk to friend's house in colony, John Mayer in my ears.


8 to 8.20 pm : friend decides to take power nap. I stalk people on facebook.

8.20 to 9 pm : dinner at mess. Try to convince another friend that she's not fat. Try to scare first years. Fail at both.

9 to 9.10 pm : walk home from the mess with friends, loudly singing cheap  bollywood songs from the 90s.

9.10 to 9.30 pm : attempt to work. FAIL.

9.30 to 10 pm : dance in friend's room and eat lots of chocolate.

10 to 10.15 pm : bathe, so I can wake up luxuriously late tomorrow as well.

10.15 to 10.45 pm: type out blog post and facebook.

11 pm : my bed calls me. Talk to boyfriend. Day ends with "I love you." Yes, cheesy, I know.

My life is monotonous, but in a lovely way. :)

 Goodnight. :)


  1. nice blog kanika! I love the header :)

  2. Hi Karman! Thank you :)
    I loved your blog btw!

  3. Excellent. An insight into the messy recesses of a female mind :p. Died laughing! Nice work!!!!

  4. Thenks Sayan. You are stalking me on every available portal, are you not? :P

  5. Don't flatter yourself dearie, I'm just doing my bit to raise what remains of the tatters of your self-esteem. :p

  6. Oh hahaha. :D I'm quite battered.