Thursday, August 19, 2010

You talk, I don't listen.

A very very cool person came to our class today to give us a lecture. His name is C F John, and he is an artist.

Sadly though, for a variety of reasons, I paid attention to him only intermittently; my head remained buried in my notebook all the time, doodling for pages and pages. One of the advantages of being in design school : no one yells at you for doodling in class. They simply assume that you have creativity oozing out of you from every possible pore and they must not stifle your artistic genius simply by asking you to look up.

Anyhow, during his talk, I let a few of his elaborate sentences poke through my head and I noted them down in a very lost manner.

Then I decided to photograph his sentences.

So here.

I wish I had a DSLR ; I have a sucky digital camera, hate it.

Feel free to criticize. I thrive on negative comments.

Okay, I don't.

- K
p.s. 15 followers! eeeeeeeeeeeep. :)


  1. I was the one who said "Dreams constantly defy borders" !


  2. He repeated it then.

  3. Ok. Did you take all the photos yourself? Nice pictures. Could have been a longer post. Seemed sort of aimless.

  4. Yes Sayan, I took them all myself.
    And I'm sorry. Writer's block.

  5. i liked tht indolent look..!!!