Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I lifted my head from the wreckage. There were pieces of me everywhere. The silence was deafening. So bloody LOUD.

I looked to my side, and I saw nothing. A vast expanse of emptiness. My gaze turned downwards, and I couldn’t see my feet.
That was when I heard the scream.

It was painful. It spoke of sorrow. Of grief, anguish and agony. It wrenched at my heart, clawing it out of my chest. It punished my ears, and tortured my eyes. Struggled with my brain, told it to shut up. It made me want to curl up and strangle myself to death. What scared me most was that it was from my lips.

And then I looked up, and you blinded me.


  1. Beyond words.
    That which speaks of the awesomeness of your ability to write.
    I want to be the first to read your novel.
    Abide by this.

  2. I think I love you, Namrata :)

  3. :O
    I hope this is like fiction, you know?

    The earring made me happy though : )

  4. Yes Koo, fiction. I guess the thought process is real and everything else just exaggerated.
    I love the earring :)

  5. very powerful!! ur words are very evocative...

  6. Thank youuu :D
    I really wish you'd tell me your real name so I don't address comments to bollywoodstylediaries...
    *hopeful look*