Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I wasn't.

But I wasn't ready.

To be woken up
To be heartbroken
To be drunk
To grow up
To fall in and out of love
To miss him
To make friends
To break friends
To leave school
To let him go
To be stoned
To be Kankad and not Kanika
To keep secrets
To be ugly
To kiss
To touch
To become addicted
To be pretty
To be scared
To fall prey to his charms
To hold hands
To cry
To die.

I wasn't.


  1. I'm not ready either =]
    lovely post.

  2. Thanks Dandelion (:

  3. You become wise by making mistakes and learning from them. Life is a school for those who dare to try. :)

    One is never ready for things to happen, well, they just do.

    Smart writing, there, as usual. And yet another brilliant picture!

  4. One of my favorites. As usual the picture with this post is amazing! :)

  5. @Arjit - Thanks man. Kind and very smart words.

    @Splatters of Ink - (: you're too kind. Thank you!

  6. I love the picture.

    And I'd say what Arjit had to say. You're never ready. You just have to learn on your way.

  7. Thanks Ujj.
    This post came out of a moment of severe self-doubt. Hence the weird-ness.
    Thanks all of you though :)

  8. love, love the pic!! I am not sure I will ever be ready:-)

  9. Sonali! Much thanks. :)
    I think I am now. But I can't be sure. :|

  10. That picture is beautiful! How did you click it? Lovely writing. It made me wistful...

  11. Cyniqueen, this was taken for a college course. How I love my classes! :D
    And thank youuu :)

  12. If we were all as ready, life wouldn't be as exciting... There's always a start though :)

  13. :D take your time...everything will fall into place with time.Keep the smiles on and the attitude going .

    nice blog

    take care