Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have 62 followers now...
Guys, I never thought I would get here (haha this sounds like an award acceptance speech, ARJIT LAY OFF, I know you want to make fun of me :) ) but myGOD it feels awesomely amazing!
I didn't think people would want to read the shit I write or see the photos I post! :)
Sorry for being very away, I'm at my grandmum's place trying to cheer her up, she's been low since granddad passed, and the internet speed here is not very conducive to blogging.
Thanks guys, I feel really really happy right now :)
I promise I'll post something for new years! I'm staying in with grandmum and cousins and ordering some chinese food and watching crap movies on tv and make fun of them together. It's more awesome than it sounds.
But right now, I'm nearly in bed with my cup of tea, so here:
this is the kid of the lady who works at my grandmum's place AND I ADORE HIM TO DEATH :)
Isn't he the cutest?! :D He's pissed because my sister and I were taking photos of him for a good two hours.

What are YOUR plans for the big two-zero-one-one?


  1. partay it on away!!!
    have fun you.

  2. oooh.. that's one adorable angry kid.

  3. Both of us at home. I'm trying to spruce up my new year eve too. *Sigh*! The kid is cute. :P

    Happy new year! *imitates homer simpson*

  4. @PM - you too, and miss me :)
    @Ladylavender - isn't he?
    @Meher - enjoy yourself tonight :)

  5. You mentioned me? That is such a cheap publicity stunt. Come on, you're better than this. :P

    Move the followers gadget. Adjust it. Move it somewhere near the top? Will work even better.

  6. Arjit it wasn't a publicity stunt, I genuinely thought of you when i was typing that. Arjit the person, not Arjit the immensely popular writer/blogger :)

  7. Interesting blog header ! Liked reading few random posts ! you are quite photogenic btw :)

    Happy New year and happy blogging :)