Friday, December 31, 2010

I met someone.

I met someone in 2008. She was a silly thing, mistaking school-girl infatuation for once-in-a-lifetime love, thinking that a razor would be an ideal substitute for what she thought was a sad life. Her heart was a wild thing and changed course more often than not and her facebook profile was full to the brim with lyrical status updates about broken hearts, idiotic boys and feelings of loneliness that, if she opened her eyes long enough, didn't really need to be there.
I met her again in 2009. She was happy, in love, her hand in his. People began to notice her slight prettiness and she became accustomed to being loved by everyone around her, sadness didn't dare venture close. She grew into a woman in those few months, an adult. She felt it. Maturity. School was over, college was here. Her mind was asked to be analysed and she did so, with as unbiased a view as possible. The rose-tinted glasses came off. And she felt scared, but the year ended on an extremely happy note, as she sang her way through heartbreak and a new tingling of sorts.
2010 was a different story. She grappled with losing him, multiple times, multiple faces. Began to understand exactly how complicated 'complicated' meant. Dealt with glares, stares and glances, all in what she thought was her stride, but turned into nervous shuffling feet. Cried herself to sleep on the happiest of days and after years of it never seeming possible, she tried to explain it. Questioned how it worked, the great cosmic void, as she sat on terraces with a burning stick in her hand; loved and lost, her heart began to beat to a different rhythm altogether and she looked straight on at the canvas of her further years, and began to fill it in with uncharacteristic silence and a very hopeful smile.
2011, be nice to her.

 bye 2010, hello 2011 =)

Happy new year, guys. Lots of love and the best of wishes :)


  1. Sorry for all that kan.

  2. PM - love. you know it's okay :)
    Same to you Ujj! :)

  3. Happy new year. This year would be nice.

  4. Aw, this is such a genuinely nice write up. Er, just format it properly, and highlight the years properly. And add a photograph corresponding to the whole post, and this post will rise from YOUR standard to MY standard. :P

  5. Thanks Anshul, same to you :)
    Arjit..thank you for your suggestions. I will act on them as soon as I get back to Delhi :D

  6. Happy new year to you !! :)

  7. happy new year to you too!! i hope this year brings all that you desire:-)

  8. Happy New year !

    PS : Please put a "subscribe to this blog" button on your page ! Since i am a wordpress user i can not follow you to keep track of new posts. Subscribe by email is what i depend on. And let me know when you do that. I do really want to keep visiting your blog again and again :)

  9. Happy new year :)
    Love the picture!

  10. Thanks guys! Happy new year to all of you!
    @ladynimue - have added a subscribe button :)

  11. LOVE. both pictures :)