Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How can you reach me?

Anti-social phase. I deactivated my facebook. Bwahahahhahaha.

I don't think I can stick that out for too long. I'll probably log right back in tomorrow and see who all missed me.

At the risk of sounding emo and friend-less, no one will miss me. At least not on facebook. Maybe my friends will just stop calling me a facebook whore. I don't think the boyfriend will even realise. Sigh. Such is life.

UGH sick. Why do I let FACEBOOK  alter my mood?!

See what I mean? I NEEDED to deactivate my account. And I did it. And I plan to keep it deactivated for at least a week.  Pray for me!


Mothers are quite a pain. Like I love my mother and all, but sometimes she frustrates me to no end. And in all my fury I don't realize that what she's saying has a point. It only hit me when I was ranting about her to the boyfriend and I calmed down for a minute and said this, and for once, my boyfriend said he's proud of me. Haha.

I'm sending out dangerously potent text messages to people that I'm pissed with right now. So potent that I will probably have to face very serious consequences. But for once, I don't give a fuck. I'm being headstrong and self-reliant and other important sounding things. Right. Right?

Oh no.


  1. Yaay you're off facebook too! :D

  2. I shall follow soon. :D

  3. all moms are like that:-)

    dont panic, I am sure you can make it without facebook!!

  4. I wonder if I have the strength to do the same :P

    Haha, I guess I should have asked you a long time back, but anyway, please check out my blog sometime? thanks :)

  5. @Sonali - yay, I haven't been crying for facebook since this post :P

    @Priyanka - :D try it, you save a lot of time :) and I am now stalking your blog!