Saturday, December 04, 2010

Declaration of Undying Love

I just want to say.

I love you, my Nikon D3000. I love how you make everything look beautifully different when I look through your lens, how you focus in the most gorgeous way. The click you make when I release the shutter button is a delight to hear. I love you and I love how you make me look less unskilled than I actually am. Thank you for making photography such a wonderful hobby and I hope I can do you justice.

Much love.


  1. HOW?
    HOW do I like this post?

  2. hey kanika, nice blog, really appreciable..... i dnt knw wts d catching thing in ur blog/writing, bt really i liked it.

  3. Namrata :)
    Thanks a lot Vivek! :)

  4. I feel the same about my BlackBerry :D

  5. Haha R :D
    And thanks Sonali :)

  6. You confirmed it even more for me Kanika, that DSLR is very close to real magic. And I waaaant. And I can't get, not for a while anyway.
    So beautifully written. Love for one medium expressed through another. And both excellently done

  7. I've been lusting for the nikon d3000 for a while now.Sigh!have been asked to wait for 3 months.I'm jealous. :/

  8. Hello there. You have an amazing blog.
    AND an awesome camera. =)

  9. awesome pic, shows the art, hides the artist. Beautiful attempt.

    Oh, and nice blog. Wish to see more of your animations and artistry here. The video's good.

    Blasphemous Aesthete