Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meh Meh Meh

This is my "oh fuck I'm so stressed - lol jk I'm posing" face. See how creepy my hand looks? Eeyuurgh.

Hi guys.
I haven't done a POST post in the longest while, I've been filling space on this blog with absolutely brilliant photos :D (don't smirk, you all agree!). Eet has been aye stressful two weeks with personal and work problems alike, all grinning down at me like the devil. 
Whoa simile.

It's 3.06 pm on a Sunday, and I'm sitting in college, supposed to be making a book but all I'm really doing is stalking people on facebook and chatting with ze boyfriend. 

Yeha I'm bored.

I've been dreaming very scary things lately, like dead best friends and dead grandparents and I'm a little worried as to what in the name of GOD is happening to my subconscious mind. Maybe I've been watching too many reruns of Dexter. Or maybe my mind is slowly decaying because of all the coke I drink. Or it's possible that Gossip Girl marathons are ruining my ability to think straight.

Meh. Whatever it is. 
I'm going to go and procrastinate some more now.


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  2. You need some sleep, seriously!