Wednesday, April 06, 2011

After so long.

After forever, today I had someone sit me down on the pavement not too near a street lamp, not too far either,just about perfect and I was listened to.

My every problem, every sad thought that had been bogging my mind down in the past three weeks tumbled out of my mouth and my resolve to keep my problems to myself lay forgotten right near my mosquito-bitten feet.

It felt good to not have advice flung at you but to just let feelings filter into someone else's brain and to have them understood by someone other than your brain-fucked self.

You get to know a lot about someone by just how much they know you, by the way they are around you, by the way they share a smoke with you on a silent night sitting away from everyone else and happily so.

Yay :)


Lots of love


  1. Hey, Hi
    its always good to have ppl around you who can read your silence...the comfort we feel between those unsaid words is soothing...and the smoke only adds to the pleasure ;)

    THe Silhouette...

  2. The smoke does it for me. My standards fall after I smoke everytime without fail and that makes me feel so much better :D

  3. Yeah.. nothing like a smoke and a friend around on a late summer evening..