Thursday, April 07, 2011

My First Obsession

Even though it seems like I am obsessed with my webcam:
 or my D3000:
my first and only major obsession is....

So I thought, why not document my collection?

Btw. This is hardly all of them, Maybe the ones I wear most frequently. My entire set contains four times this amount!

Silver earrings from Fabindia's Anusuya range. Favourite favourite.

Picked up two years back from school winter carnival by boyfriend :)

Lilac kundan-ish earrings gifted by aunt on admission into awesome design school!

Mum's from college :)

Same as above!

Same as above :)

Picked up last winter from Ginger. Bought to wear with saree :)

Bought from Delhi Haat, Delhi, the brass stall called Tribes.

Best friend's! Flicked :P

Picked from school carnival last year. Woman at counter complimented me on my earring choosing skills. :P The ones below were bought from the same place.

Fabindia :)

One of mother's. She's grown out of these, she says. I gladly grew into them :)

These three are typical Gujrati dandiya jewellery. Gifted to me by mad housemate who knows my love for all things jingly and silver :)

Antiques bought from Dastkaar this year in Bangalore. So expensive that I share these with a friend!

My grandmum's! :)

Fifteen rupees Sarojini Nagar bargains :)

Yowza! Tell me what you think! :) 


  1. Okay they are like WOW. Seriously WOW. :O

  2. They're BEAUTIFUL! Hi Five on the Earing obsession part!

  3. they are beautiful...vaise nice clicks!

  4. Oh My Gawd!! How do you choose?

  5. Wow. Pretty earrings and pretty photographs. I think it is time I document my earrings too :D

  6. Wow you guys! Thanks a lot! :)

    Thank you Ananya, Ruhani,Shreya and V!Vs!!!

    @Espèra do it do it! :D

    @Blasphemous Aesthete - I surprise myself sometimes, have no clue how I did it :)

  7. Wow these are really great. Specially the ones which were your mum's.