Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amidst Lethargy and the 16 Day Countdown

So Bangalore summers are obviously very different from what I remember of last year because all of us here are basically coming very close to shrivelling up and dying every morning in the sun when we walk to college. YES THAT BAD.

The sun and heat is also doing terrible things to my appetite because I always feel terribly hungry but three bites into my food I cannot swallow anymore. It's horrible. I sorta enjoy my food a lot and this is making it so difficult for me to do that!


Found this on someone's blog. Going to follow it :)

DAY TEN: ten secrets

This is not a good idea. my friends' read my blog! haha.

1. I'm terrified of the dark. Not in the OMG GHOST! way. In a very eerie I-don't-know-what's-happening way. Not a good thing. It's actually quite cumbersome. But it's difficult to get over.
2. Even though I say I hate it I actually really really really really really want a BlackBerry :|
3.  I sometimes feel I'm not as close to my parents as I would like...but I don't know how to change that either...
4. I have a chronic fear of dying very slowly. I would like to die in one go, probably in a car accident or air accident or something.
5. I doubt my relationship sometimes. Not essentially a bad thing. Doesn't everyone? Long distance does suck so it happens sometimes. I love him to death though. We're fine :)
6. Bangalore has made me not so attached to reading anymore. I hate it. It's disgusting and I loathe that I find better things to do with my time than read. 
7. I've shoplifted. Totally by mistake though. Just forgot to pay. Trust me.
8. I feel strange that my first kiss happened only 9 days into us. I don't know. Call me old fashioned but I assumed it would take longer. Sheesh.
9. At times I wonder if I really am slightly anorexic.
10. I've tried to kill myself. But that was back when I was deranged and fucking stupid.

So if nothing else, I'll probably post everyday about this^ for the next nine days :)


  1. I like this thing. :)

    P.S. You want a BlackBerry? Not such a good idea if you ask me. BlackBerry belongs to the stone age. Fucking ancient features.
    The only good thing in it is free msging. But, you can't msg to those who do not own a BB. :/
    Try Android?

  2. I have the same secret too as your 2nd one.
    And we have prepaid right... Which means the airtel Rs.52 sms card works :)