Monday, May 09, 2011


Okay so I know that my headers are generally a teeny bit more elaborate than my current one, but have patience, my laptop's not currently in working condition 'coz my charger's gotta get replaced. Once it's back, my blog will be too, new header and all :)

And I have lots of happy-ness in me currently. Thanks for the all the love I got in the comments on my previous post! All your concern will not go unheeded. Kitne pyaare ho tum log. Waah. :) Among other joyous things I finally ate decent street food courtesy Delhi and Nathu's. Major hooray. And shopping. Clothes. Major-er hooray.

Chalo I'll post properly tomorrow. Hopefully with a new header. Will share summer vacation plans. To the hills :)


  1. Hey, Hi
    when i saw your blogs look, i was like, "ok, earlier it was your dp that changed with your blog template too??? and all whitewashed!!! or is it the lack of nicotine affecting your creative skills...."

    then i proceeded with your post and i was like, "okkkayy... :)"

    take your hurries...just keep posting... :D

    The Silhouette...

  2. *Waitin for the new header*

  3. Hahaha Eon :)

    Aakash, I'm waiting too!

  4. Thanks to my slower than snail net connection these days, I will have to wait for at least 15 minutes for your header to appear. But then, I think I can wait. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete