Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well, heave ho.

Deactivated my facebook. Too much clutter. Too many people who currently are on my 'stay-away-from-this-person-in-order-to-remain-sane' list.

Something is wrong, something that happens only when I come back home but I can never manage to put my finger on exactly what. I know that the problem mostly arises out of the fact that my family members aren't used to who I am now but rather to who I used to be and the change is too vast for them to get their head around.

Also, having a really bad stomach bug that makes you throw up everything you eat isn't helping.

I'm just really ticked off right now. And it sucks because I know it doesn't seem like it from my many blog posts about how ticked off I am but I HATE feeling this way. I don't want to say why...because that's TOO personal. And I know it's a personal blog and I share a lot about my life anyway...but this is about my family and I don't want stuff like that up on the internet. Y'know.

Anywho. My family and I have elaborate travel plans starting on Monday (16th) and going on till Wednesday (25th). Going for a road trip through Uttarakhand. I will be trigger happy with my camera and my parents will be shoe-happy with their walking shoes. Sister will just tag along with me I guess :)

So I'll post on Sunday before I leave (since we leave early Monday morning) and then I guess I'll catch you guys only after another 9 days! Miss me. A lot. I haven't been myself lately anyway. Maybe the hills will be therapeutic. Currently Angry Birds is keeping me going :P



  1. All I can say is, I hope the hills are therapeutic.
    Enjoy your trip :)

  2. The hills are the best cure. And Uttrakhand is a dream!

    get well soon,K.