Friday, December 02, 2011

Things the past week has taught me.

1. However inviting that plate of gobi manchurian that the guy with the cart next to college created looks, chances are your stomach cannot handle the multitudes of masala and super fast hand motions of the chef. Eat a couple of pieces. And then control yourself.

2. Not having coca cola one day does not mean you are losing interest in that one thing that makes your life beautiful. Don't tell your friends you're getting deaddicted. They'll laugh. [:( ]

3. Never EVER underestimate the soothing powers of long hot water baths.

4. Throwing your head back to laugh while eating Wonka Gobstoppers will make you choke and nearly die.

5. Working with friends seems perfect until it comes to actually WORKing. Youtube will not do your assignments for you. Your GPA will not be calculated on the basis of how well your friends and you can shuffle.

6. Once you find two bloody brilliant songs that have even better videos, you basically listen to them on repeat and piss off your roommate.

play count - 72

 play count - 53

7. I need to write more. I keep thinking of beautiful sentences but before I can jot them down they've vanished.


9. I know nothing about technology. My course makes me feel like that. Yeesh.

10. Big thanks to Priyanka over here at Because I believe in 'The Happily Ever Afters...!' for an award :) ARE MY EYES REALLY SO PRETTY? AW :)

11. Most often, love songs are not about your love story unless the writer knows you. Stop thinking all those beautiful words were written exactly for your life. Other people love and lose too. Specially that Lady Gaga song up there. It is not about you. NOT.

12. Thinking that if you sit in college on a Saturday and work when no one else is around other than your two distracted team mates is an idea that is destined to fail. Hence. Resort to telling yourself not to fuck around and actually do some research.

I took notes. Yeh.

And I took those notes with Sharpies. Are you jealous yet? -_-

13. Forget that thirteenth was your anniversary date.

Bohot pyaar.


  1. Heh. Point 13? I've been trying, it's been a while now :|
    also, kaha ho tum!?

  2. Heyyy I love Sharpies!! :)

  3. You and I <3
    And Of Course, One bed Can Hold Two People!! If you know what I mean...
    bah! I have had a bad day hence the great jokes.

    Point 13. Hang in there :) All good.


    ^ It CAN if you hug really tight and sleep.

  5. I agree most with hot water baths, even in the heat of this city I look forward to them

  6. Arrghhh Youtube is SO bloody distracting! I hate it. Or I wish I could, anyway >:@

  7. HAHA I couldn't watch the whole video of party rock. Grossed me out x_x

    Hot water baths, ALWAYS make my day too <3 :3

    PS: You write beautifully :)

  8. You remind me of the way I write.