Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I HAVE been around, just not alive...

Hello my lovely blog.

I remember you, in between the running around to the city getting things ready for the exhibition and lying down on my bed coughing like an old man and popping crocins to prevent the onset of inevitable fever. I miss you, blog.

Hi you guys. I'm here, very much here, reading all your posts on my phone surreptitiously when I can steal a quiet moment away from all the noise and the ruckus. I miss writing. I miss being able to type out my thoughts to share almost as fast as I think them. It's a peaceful feeling I haven't felt in a long time.

Tomorrow's my birthday. In Bangalore for the first time. I don't even know if I have expectations or not. I'm just happy that I have someone new to spend it with...

Coming to that. Another thing I want to tell you. I found someone. He makes me laugh. He stayed up with me the whole night gently massaging my forehead when I had 101 degrees fever. He told me I looked pretty in my pyajamas. I think he's a keeper. :)

Delhi day after. Am I kicked? Quite. It's freezing. I can't wait. Sweaters and heaters and blankets and chai. Aah. I'm home.

Comment. Tell me what you've been up to. Wish me tomorrow :D



  1. If a guy tells you you look pretty when you're at you're worst, he's definitely a keeper :D

  2. keep keep keep!

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  4. happy bdayyyyyyyyyy :) And thank god you found new love :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Kay.
    Much pyaar.

  6. Happy birthday, Kay :)

  7. Happy Birthdaay <3
    Ps : I think your blog has inspired me to start my very own, so thank you for that. :)

    Loved this post too.

  8. happy birthday :)

    and delhi is freeezzziiinnngggg :(

  9. Awww happy birthday, belated! :D
    Sounds like a keeper alright! Just like Oliver Wood. (Get it? :P)
    Perhaps we could meet up this time? Not on FB anymore, so maybe you could fix up something with Nil? Thanks :)