Friday, December 30, 2011

What Happened Next?

My birthday happened.

There are no pictures of that night, that fucking brilliant kickass night when everyone made me feel so loved, so important, and we got hammered and happy and everyone went to sleep feeling tired and satisfied. I'm glad there aren't any pictures. We would've posed and not let ourselves go the way we did. It was amazing. And they planned a treasure hunt for me all over our colony with little gifts to go along with each clue. *sighs contentedly at the memory* I'm hoping my birthday happens in Bangalore again next year, simply for how happy everyone else was to have a reason to chill just before the break and right after a mad maaaad week of so-much-work-we-nearly-died.

The day though, I have photos, just me and the New Boyfriend went out to the city, ate some nice food, bought some books and walked down Brigade Road hand in hand. :)


This isn't the amazing food we ate, we just didn't take pictures there. But then no birthday is complete without junk food for me. So we thought, McDonalds FTW. The fries sucked, fyi.

At the music shop, Hysteria, where we went little bonkers looking at the posters and then at their prices *cringes at the memory*

This is him, at three different times of the day - At the first nice restaurant, then outside Hysteria, and then the bus home. I guess it wasn't everyone's birthday. Ha.

The day after was spent at the airport, as my flight got delayed slowly and steadily and built up to 5 hours worth, with friends who also felt sure that this is how we would die, sitting in plastic chairs in a glass building watching everyone's else planes take off and wondering if ours was ever destined to. I was supposed to reach home at deliciouslunchtime and feast on kashmiri mutton but I guess my family got bored of waiting and when I finally trudged in to my living room at 9 pm instead of 2 I got to eat daal. Oh joy.

The next day we pushed off to Chandigarh and I don't know if you remember but that's where the two cutest Nepali kids are, they've been mentioned on my blog more than a couple of times. And I can't talk about them without pictures. Prepare to melt. If you're allergic to cuteness I suggest you look away. :)

God I could eat him. Meet Mohit. ^

And that's Rohit, his elder brother. And the two together are called 'Those 2 Rascals' by my grandmother.

Their mum oiled their hair and combed it to one side, and when they came back to play all of us couldn't help but laugh.

Mohit tells me to look at the camera.

One morning :)



My sister took this one and it's too hilarious to not share :D


Hahahaha this one always makes me smile!

The day after this we left for a quick two day trip to Shoghi, a tiny town near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, and I have more gorgeous pictures to show from there!
(I didn't realise how picture heavy this post will be!)
happy parents!

sister and dad :)

nani and mum.

Shimla photos hereon.

in an antique bookstore.


in a shop :P

From Shoghi.

Road up to where we stayed.

- pictures end here - :P

Anywho. It's 30th December and I have no plans for tomorrow, something I am very glad about, because honestly sitting at home with your family, drinking wine and eating good food and watching tv on NYE is so underrated but it's actually really satisfying. I'm going to keep that tradition alive this year too. :)

What are your plans for tomorrow? Tell me in the comments! And sorry for being so quiet. As you can see, I was busy :) 

Missed you all! Pyaaar :)


  1. Is that a Roald Dahl book? :D
    Pretty pictures! :)

  2. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PICTURES!! What camera do you use? Model and make and everything please :D

    Shimla looks beautiful. It looks like you had a great time. And New Boyfriend huh? ;)

    Happy New Year!

  3. @priyanka - yes! Danny, the Champion of the World! One of my favourite Roald Dahls :)

    @Randomhyper - thaaaaank you! I use a Nikon D3000, its an entry level SLR and I love it to death! And Shimla was lovely :) boyfriend *blush*
    Happy New Year to you toooooo!

  4. pheww!! :D :D finally back to ur bubbly self! ;)
    Looveeeee the pictures!! :D :D
    Especially the antique book store wala :)
    Omggg!! Shimla must be friiggiinn cold! i can't bear Bangalore weather only.. brrr...
    I so agree about welcoming the new year with Tv.. moozik and cake! :P

  5. Happy New Year Kay.

  6. @Viya - hehe :D it was freezing but the sun was actually lovely!!
    @Isha - yeh lo, pyaar :)

  7. I just saw the pictures, and I died seeing the happy faces. :)
    Much love.