Saturday, January 28, 2012

I owe it to you.

I owe you guys a nice longish post and not a cheap one with two lines and a picture. Why aren't you guys commenting as much? :(

It's been a slightly shitty week, what with all my still-dunno-what-caused-it sad phase (intensely bad we're talking about) and the shitloads of work I did NOT do (but I did it, it's 3 am the night before the presentation) and people who I don't understand (...).

Things have been slowly getting sorted in my head, and I've been constantly telling myself to get my shit together. Sometime soon it'll be EVIDENT that I have my shit together, and I won't have my shit together only in a part of my brain. It shall happen. And the world won't know what hit it.

Epiphanies have been a major part of the week. Some depressing, some very motivating. Like how some people just like being assholes to make sure there are enough in this world. And I've learnt to deal with that. Also when you think you're being a human being you would otherwise despise was it not you, just slap yourself. Hard. It gives you that jolt you need and puts you back on track. Or get someone to slap you. In that case though there is no guarantee how much damage can be expected.

Studies show most people fail at their resolutions in the first month of the year. I did. But not again.

Hi February, you're going to be good. I can feel it in my fingers.

Love of more than two lines and a picture,

p.s. - comments are loved and very much appreciated, so don't be stingy!


  1. i saw your photography page for the first time today :o . Some are really good , and i see u have read ' the time traveler's wife ' :D *hi 5* for tht :)

    ps : This is the third post where i have commented first *drumroll* :P

  2. January's been a month of unsure epiphanies and revelations, yes. You- loving the To Do, and also, hells yesss, you'll get your shit together alright :)

  3. *sending love your way*