Monday, January 30, 2012

Lots to do, lots to do

Posting some photos from the past 5-6 days. :)
50 mm lens is doing such pretty things to all the photos I click. I'm enjoying it so much!

The trusty gadget that has helped me through shitloads. Gave it a makeover the other day with tons of new music and great games :D

 Boyfriend drinks coffee, I drink tea, but we manage :P

 Can't remember who clicked this. Drunk nights :P

He clicked this when we went out to lunch, and then,

I clicked this one. :)

Illustration course outcome - make a mask. Still unfinished. 

Me :) And look how colourful the room is.

The leaves I paint.

Work breaks :)

One maaaaaaad night when roommate and I got sloshed and did hilarious shit. 

I was thinking of making February a blog-everyday-month.
Like, everyday I find something like a song, a photograph, a piece of art and blog about it, almost like a response. Is there anyone who wants to do this with me? We could find things by turn, email them to whoever wants to do it and link to each others' blogs like that. A written response isn't necessary. You could use that as an inspiration to make anything.
Write your email in the comments. And if people want to do it even into the month they can join in whenever! And if it's successful maybe we'll do it again!
Meher, Anshul, Nil, Sampoorna, Kuhu (if your boards are not killing you already) you all are in by default. Don't back out or I'll send you all virtual slaps.
Ok bye :)



  1. Gaah, boards are killing me here m'love. January's over and I've just posted twice, need I say more? So I'll just have to wait till after April :(
    But wohooo loving the pictures AND the idea. Shoot right ahead, post some love and art :)

  2. Love the second last picture :D And me me me I want to join :D

  3. I have the same watch...the leaves look pretty! You and boyfriend look happy :) And I would loveee to do join, but considering my stupid boards; it'll be hard :P

    Keep clicking yo!

  4. You can count me in.. :)

  5. :( February's just the wrong month for me :(
    You guys DO IT! If it's successful and awesome (I'm sure it will be, kickass plan), WE CAN DO IT AGAIN :D

  6. :( February's just the wrong month for me :(
    You guys DO IT! If it's successful and awesome (I'm sure it will be, kickass plan), WE CAN DO IT AGAIN :D

    ^The comment above this one, was me only. From brother's account, lol :P

  7. Me me me me :D
    Its my birthday month :D :D :D

    Okay too excited.

    Love the pyaaar <3

    Nice fotus :)

  8. all these pictures make me smile, i live with this beautiful girl!
    Happy new lens = )

  9. Soooppaah pictures!! :D :D ...
    oooh! :) I like the idea of what you are plannin to do in Feb! :D
    Looking forward to that! :D
    btw.. You're from Delhi no? help beku..

  10. There is a story in there somewhere.

    No wait. There's a story or two.

    No wait, wait..there's more than two..

    Lovely pics. Great blog. WCBFM.

  11. The photo of you two together is c-u-t-e :)