Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Four! *updated*

Today's inspiration^

Read more about FF here, here, here.
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I shall update this post later in the day with my response!

I want to thank everyone for the 150 followers :)

My Post:
You're yellow. Happy, carefree, cheerful as fuck. Joyful at absurd hours when I want to scream. 
You're scarlet. Furious and embarrassed to be so. Flush-faced and hilarious to me.
You're blue. Calm and subtle, peaceful. Muted, beautiful, gracefully making me love you.
You're green. Vibrant and gorgeous and a tad too striking for my painfully monochrome eyes.
I'm grey. Not close to white but far away enough from black.
You make my life colorful.

TONS of love,


  1. I made a card like this some months back. It's not so vibrant though cuz I used colour pencils. :/

    I have a photo of it.
    Won't be blogging about it though, cuz it's not something I made recently :P

  2. I joined you too :$

    I like how you think. :)

  3. very very interesting Kanika :)

  4. i like all of you =)

  5. I love that last sentence - you make my life colourful. Some people are like that, aren't they.
    Fantabulous February is pretty great so far :)

  6. That made perfect sense to me,trust me! I'm grey too.

  7. Thats a brilliant post!!
    And the Fantabulous Feb idea is great too!! :)

    I read all the blogs who did the post and they were awesome :)

  8. Thank you so much guys! Everyone join me today too for FF! And tell your friends! woohoo! im so kicked!