Sunday, February 05, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Five! *updated*

Look at this fucking beautiful screen capture. :')

I love you, blog. I love you, readers. Thank you for being patient when I rant and supportive when I crib. You've made me so happy the past few days, specially with the response to Fantabulous February. Can you believe it, 5 people posted along with me yesterday! That's five more than what I estimated! :P

Inspiration for today:
You can read more about Fantabulous February here, here, here and here.
Email me your bloglinks for today at or send them to me in a facebook message.

And come on guys. It was five yesterday, let's hit at least 6 today!
And I want to tell you guys. Lot of you have been emailing me with your bloglinks and adding me on facebook too. And saying that your blogs aren't much compared to mine. DO YOU WANT SLAPS? HUH? DO YOU?! It's your blog! Your baby! You can't tell me it sucks. Okay? Okay good.

My Post:

Systematic and highly organized in reality, her thoughts tell another floating, drifting story. Cyclical and routine while awake, her world turns directionless in her dreams. 
Red lips, black eyes. Beautiful and damaged. An enigma to you, but to me she's an open book of heartbroken cigarettes and hollow chuckles.
Take care of your fragile little self, the world outside is cruel and rigid.

Tangerine joined me today:

Love love love,


  1. Loovviiinnn FF!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I just discovered this reply option :|
      thaaaaaaaanks :)

  2. Open book of heartbroken cigarettes.
    I mean, oh my god. My favourite sentences of all time, from everything I have ever read.
    Never stop writing

    1. My favorite line too.
      Tum kamaal karti ho. Badi talented ho.