Thursday, February 09, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Nine! *updated*

Inspiration for the day:


Fantabulous February is making sure I procrastinate and do not meet deadlines.
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My Post:
It was an evening of love when you and I met, and parted, each smiling softly to oneself, secretly ecstatic about how it had unfolded and hopeful that each meeting after the first would bring something happier to our lives. A connection is a insufficient way to put it. It seemed like pathways formed from my mind to yours, my heart to yours. Unknowingly we had made it obvious to each other that we were happy when together and extremely lost when apart.
I began to wish that we stayed together long enough for me to see the wrinkles form from the corners of your eyes when you smiled. And we would have our own cryptic language without saying even a between a room full of people at a raging party you would look at me and laugh. and I would know that you wanted to leave. We thrived on our differences and they kept us going, fighting and angry yet still passionately and ridiculously mad about each other.
I will understand why you felt the need to leave this world at all. You left me here waiting impatiently for the day I would die too, and join you somewhere completely removed where you would finally smile at me with your salt-pepper hair and the wrinkles on your face would tell me I'm home. I don't know what you found missing in our wonderful world of coffee cups and dangling conversations.
I don't know what you were looking for when you stood there in the bathroom holding that blade, and I wonder what you thought of last... excruciatingly scarlet pain, or me.



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  2. Mine sounds too kiddish! Being an Engineer,I wish I could write more 'scientifically' because the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture were Chemistry and Electronics classes.But it is what it is.You only told me not to think too much while writing and just go with the flow,right?

    1. Yes :) Ideas flow better that way. And don't worry so much about how it sounds, okay? The idea is to let go and just write.

  3. Wow :) Thank god I didn't join today . This is beautiful kanika :) Main fan hoon tumhari ;) :P

  4. Is that why you're so good at it?I'm trying.Thanks for the help(yes,FF DID help me,more than you'll ever realize)though.