Friday, February 10, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Ten! *updated*

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I'm loving Fantabulous February :)
Shall update tonight.

My Post:
You feel like the rain. Soft and trickling down the insides of my heart. Wherever did you drift away, love, and why? Dark clouds always precede you. They warn me of your imminent arrival. So that I'm prepared for the dreadful feeling of wanting to give you everything that I ever can, so that maybe this time you don't leave, and that you stay. So that I can sleep with my head on your chest and sigh in contentment. 
Ripples of fear take over my head. I don't know who I am around you. But then maybe that's not such a great price to pay for your company.
 Let me put the kettle on for you. Come soon.





  2. Done writing.Here's the link.

  3. I really like your interpretation of the picture! :)

  4. I could really relate to this post! I've gone through similar phases,in fact,I still don't know if I'm out of it.A sense of true deja vu...