Monday, February 06, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Six! *updated*

Inspiration for today:

I'm upset. FF isn't going as good as I thought.

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I'll update this post with my response by tonight.

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My Post:
Drunk on a week night. Tsk tsk. Shouldn't that tell you how far she's come from her normal, sweet, innocent self? Stoned in the middle of the day, good God, that too when work is piling up on her desktop alarmingly. Can't you see she's no longer got her shit together?
She used to be such a nice girl. So polite and sensitive; you know, that time last month when I was down with jaundice? She came over with cookies, as a surprise, and then she even made sure she threw out everything in the fridge that was past its expiry date. Her mother raised her right, that girl. Such a delightful babysitter. Lucy loved her, she got excited on nights we went out. Lucy knew tonight bedtime wasn't a constraint.
Have you seen her clothes these days? I don't remember when her trackbottoms looked clean last. And her hair was so beautifully it's hidden under that bothersome hood perpetually.
She used to be lovely. And then he left her.
Tsk tsk.



  1. The last picture wasn't inspiring enough I guess :| Sorry :| But this one, I most definitely shall write about =D

  2. I have an idea I guess.. Shall post and email you by the evening I guess!!

    1. yay! i'll be waiting!

  3. I've already started writing.Will mail you the link as soon as I'm done.

  4. I'm done with my post.Here's the link.

    1. :) when i update with my response i'll add your link :)

  5. this is the best so far in the FF series :D Love :D *bookmarked it*

    The inspiration hit a hurting nerve today therefore didn't join , Sorry maaf karo :(. Kal pakka :D

    1. Aw. Thank you :)

      See you on day seven!

  6. Take care, beautiful.

    Its sad when we look back at what we used to be and what we have become.