Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Sixteen! *updated*

An awesome gif as today's inspiration:

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Does anyone want to contribute an image for FF? Email me :) I would love to lessen my workload and only post for the day. It's a tedious job, looking for something everyone wants to write about.

I will be updating this post tonight.
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My Post:
You're an epiphany wrapped up in a bundle of tears; jostling your way into what you call your comfort zone. You're a trembling set of fears, not sure of anything at all, but confident that you'll find your way, somehow, somehow. In a roomful of people you find it hard to meet anyone's eyes because you wouldn't know if you fit in at all, ever, anywhere.
Yet you've carved your own cave away from that which matters to others, and you're quite content there, huddled up with your memories to peruse through. Stay safe, I beg. But I don't need to be worried. "Not even a little bit, not even at all."

And Malvika, YAY, my nearly-wife and housemate wrote here:

Bohot pyaar


  1. Ooh! Love it! Where do you get this stuff from? :O

  2. a post for this too? :D btw I mailed you the link.

  3. Mailed you the link.

  4. hey, mailed you the link for this one too.

  5. Mailed you the link.