Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And we're back! Fantabulous February - Day Fifteen! *updated*

Hey fellows.

Sorry about being AWOL yesterday. One of those college days where I left way before breakfast and returned way after dinner, tired and cranky and wanting to pass out the moment I saw my beautiful glorious bed. Went to a letterpress yesterday and another industrial printer and had a nice time.

Boyfriend surprised me with an entirely home-cooked meal when I went to meet him in the evening, and he made sure I saw all the food only after having complained for about twenty minutes how absolutely unsatisfying all my meals had been for the day. :)

So. Inspiration for Resumed Fantabulous February is here:

I'm hoping you all missed me yesterday so lots of you will post :)
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I will update this post by tonight.

Read more about Fantabulous February HERE.

My Post:
I feel quite as lost as you, on the same road.
I'm a ticking time bomb, itching to explode at the slightest opportunity, insufficient as it may be. Waiting quietly in my little corner, watching the world with disdain. Not trying to read you anymore, simply trying really hard to get through the day.
I've been tolerating crazy thoughts in my head and controlling the urge to burst up in flames, then sift through the ashes to decide what was the cause. Because after this, starting over seems easier than fixing anything. First devastation, and then nothing to keep in mind anymore. 
You aren't running away from me yet, you have no clue what you're getting into.

It's one of those nights where I'm saying hello to my fairy lights and sleeping next to Coldplay. :)

Love and such,


  1. hey, new one out here. can you plz tell what's this about? cos am kinda confused! :|

    1. hi :) basically every day of feb ill post a photo and ask people to write a blog post using that as a stimulus! join us?

    2. ah! sounds interesting. sure. am gonna join. I'll post tonight. :)

  2. Lucky you! He did that? I'm so happy for you! Mailing you the link.

    1. haha. it was adorable. got the link :)

  3. I feel like writing on this one. I think I will :)

    1. and i shall wait for your link! :)

  4. "First devastation, and then nothing to keep in mind anymore."
    Will go to bed with that.