Friday, February 24, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Four! *updated*

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My Post:
You're such a waste of my time.
I shouldn't do this to myself, for being around you is like a bad habit that turns your body black, but I keep coming back, because maybe I don't care about dying anymore. Nothing you do is aimed at my happiness, yet you make me happy somehow, anyway. I'll never understand how.
I light up when you're with me, and you really couldn't care less. Whether it's an unreturned smile or a one-way feeling of relief at not being alone anymore. In a snide of glance of pity at an oblivious joyful mind. I break when you're gone, always finding the self-esteem to pick myself up again and piece my heart back together, slowly and with immense amounts of grief, and do it all over again the next day. Like a cigarette you know is killing you softly, but it calms you down, makes you a better you, so why not go ahead anyway, take your drags, kill your insides.
It's a long way down, and death is all too sudden.
I'm almost there.

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  1. Fuuuu. :O This is pretty damn awesome :O But won't be able to take part in the exercise from now on. Six days to go. :'(

  2. Kanika.. How come your pictures aren't stationary and mine are? :S

    1. Same here why :(

    2. @ Shiromi and BluBluBling- keep the size as original and not small or medium ;)

      hey, kanika, sorry missed updating for few days, college admission sucks! anyway today's one looks great, will try to write something :)

  3. How come the bulb lights up as it crashes, it's not plugged into anything :0

  4. I wrote! YAY! And again,without talking about death! Super YAY! I'm aging backwards,thanks to you! Love.

  5. Damn, I couldn't make out time today. The pictures just keep getting better :D Let's see if I can pull out something.

  6. .. I'm late but i see you haven't updated yet :D

  7. Kanika. This :O

  8. Wait for me. I'll be following you.