Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Three! *updated*

Five more days and this is going to be over.
*slow wail*

Today's inspiration:

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I shall be updating this post tonight.
I have so much work, but FF is way more important than anything else right now :P

My Post:
Upside down and in reverse, love still doesn't make sense to you. It's not in the little notes you leave me next to my head when I'm asleep or the joy of smiling at each other right after the hefty resolution of an argument. It's not just about being happy for me when something good becomes of my efforts or feeling sad looking at me cry.
It means understanding that this is who I am, and loving me hopelessly still. Loving me at my ridiculously low points and dragging me right back up with a smile.



  1. I wrote and a happy post,for a change! Thank you for inspiring me.:-)

  2. it reminds me of manali :)
    nice picture.